Profile of the agency


GCI SunPub’s international clientele covers those representing major industries: electronics, advanced technologies, home appliances, information communication technologies, automotives, financial services, entertainment, fashion, travel/tourism, chemicals, green technologies/environment, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, life sciences/biosciences, facilities management, EMS (electronic manufacturing services), government agencies, industrial associations, foundations/NPOs, software, apparels, mining, and management consultancy, among others.

The agency offers holistic services required to execute public relations activities relevant to B-to-C and B-to-B sectors. We have been fulfilling the following communications disciplines over the years:

Media Outreach Program (targeting the domestic media nationwide and some 150 Tokyo-based foreign correspondents)
Marketing Communications
Corporate Communications
Employee Relations
Community Relations
Investor Relations
Securities and Industrial Analyst Relations
Sports Marketing
Crises and Issues Management

Needless to say, reaching out the media is an indispensable means to come to grips with potential “third party endorsers” of your messages, eventually helping to win awareness and recognition among your targeted audiences. However, media coverage is not the ultimate goal that our public relations approaches should aim at. As far as the situation permits, media strategies should be linked to practicing of other communications disciplines and activities for maximizing the effective consequences of the public relations program.