Why GCI SunPub


We are qualified and unique for a Japanese communications firm. Reasons are:

1) Being respected as an equal partner by the client

We attach particular importance to being accepted as an “honorary insider” by the client, although it takes time before it comes real. Once accepted, we will be in a better position to learn insights of our client’s management and business goals to be achieved months and years ahead. We have established such trustworthy partnerships with our retainer-based long-term clients, facilitating to carry out creative and productive approaches in a timely and effective fashion. Most importantly, our clients as such are inclined to discuss with us their plans and strategies as well as critical issues at question with clarity and candor. In any event, as it is commonly perceived in communications communities, we believe, “Candor is the best means of communications” in relations with the media as well.

2) Bicultural and bilingual expertise

Two senior executives at this agency built up their professional careers at major PR agencies in New York City. Both have been practicing pr consultancy back in Japan since 1992. Our staffs are bilingual and bicultural. In that sense, we can understand the business goals and strategies of the management of major international enterprises and help put them into practice in Japan, since we will be able to find the way to tide over some peculiarities that might encounter on the way to penetrating into the competitive, demanding market and cautious business communities as well as stringent, scrutinizing media.

3) Senior consultants engaging as a regular consultant and supervisor

With a retainer-based client, a senior consultant gets involved in consulting, planning and overseeing execution as a regular contact with client’s senior officials in charge until the new strategies and plan are mutually set for the second year. From the second year on, a senior account supervisor will take it over, while the senior consultant will continue to participate, when necessary. The senior consultant and supervisor can readily decide on final action frameworks, assuring of maintaining right staffing and generating tangible results as mutually agreed upon with the client.

4) Establishing a practical method to estimate PR measurement

It is important to agree on a practical PR measurement method at the outset of our work. Although it is somewhat difficult to measure the outcomes of PR work as a whole, we will work out an appropriate way of measurement in light of the client’s expectation and final PR program. There are many ways that are routinely adopted worldwide, but in reality one method that will work in a country does not necessarily work in another country. It is absolutely necessary to hammer out an effective method in order to forge long-lasting reliable and credible working relationships between the client and agency.

5) Extensive media database, Japanese and international:

Over the past years, we have developed massive media database covering the five national dailies, regional/local dailies, trades and specialty journals as well as national TV networks, regional/local TVs, and major radio networks across Japan. Our media database thoroughly lists every core journalist by media and individual name along with their contact information. Covered on the database, regularly updated, are those journalists who follow a range of subjects from business, technology and science to culture and foreign/political affairs.

Besides, over 150 Tokyo-based foreign correspondents are listed on our database. In case our international clients are publicly held, it is important to keep foreign media assigned to Tokyo abreast of their appreciable activities and performance in the hope to have their positive development and progress in Japan fed back to overseas markets concerned. We single out the foreign media and journalists from among our media lists deemed essential for our clients’ business and marketplaces, and those select media will receive not only releases in English but also when appropriate, in-person briefings or formal interviews with senior management of our international clients, either Japan-based or top executives visiting from their corporate headquarters. All the media and journalists once contacted will be kept informed about new development as long as our clients please. Likewise, we follow suit with non-public international clients, when necessary.